Animal Communicator Simonne Lee

Being an Animal Communicator is a fun job but can have it’s challenges especially with your own babies..I love chatting away to animals, bringing them and their owners closer together, getting that understanding so that they both know what’s going on at home.

However it is easier being the mediator at times for others than my family. I live with my furry little man Nero who is my handsome black cat, Pi my slippery little snake who is a beautiful python. Creating harmony on the home front is what I do best however it is challenging coming home and making sure everyone is having an interactive time. I’ll arrive home from work with Nero greeting me, I can hear him meowing from afar. I’ll park my car, then he’ll jump on the bonnet and peer at me through the windscreen (we’ve had long discussions about him waiting to approach once the engine is turned off. He’s such a good boy, he listens). We have a chin wag on the way up the stairs and I ask him how his day was and what adventures he got up – he is a definite talker my kitty kat (he’s part Burmese and has no trouble speaking his mind). Nero and I will talk through conversation (words) and images, that’s how I know what he gets up a lot of the time. He’ll show me an image instead of a lengthy description. Then I’m off chatting to Pi Pi who is the sweetest boy…with him it’s more of an exchange of feelings and emotions that we’re expressing to each other. Explaining how our day was and if the cleaners (on that particular day) chatted to him or where frightened by him. I’ll take him out and wrap him around my neck/head while I’ll prep dinner… By this time Nero is ready for his dinner by showing me images of his EMPTY bowl…I’ll ask him if that’s a hint!! Sometimes I think he doesn’t have a very good sense of humor but I do try he he!


Connecting with my animals really takes the stress out of my day.

Do your pet/s remind you to take a moment and remember the simple things in life?

What signals do you notice when they’re trying to tell you something?

Have you ever wondered what your pets think?

By making time for them, you make time for you!

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  1. Tameera
    Tameera says:

    I would love to see a picture of Pi and Nero! Love to hear your stories Simonne – sometimes I think I can hear our dog Max…. You have the best job in the world. Yes Maxy gives so unconditionally never judging what work someone does or what they wear or where they’ve been he’s all heart certainly makes me realise what a beautiful soul he is. Dog isn’t god backwards for nothing I think.

  2. Kerry Li Wilhelm
    Kerry Li Wilhelm says:

    Keep ’em coming Simonne! Always love hearing about your innermost conversations with the four-legged kind 🙂

  3. Alyona
    Alyona says:

    Hello!I am really ennjyiog all the cute pics that you have on ! I am such an animal lover myself. I will have to check you out on too I just posted a photos of both my cat and dog on Pinterest. I have never posted any of MY personal photos on there. Where do you get the photos that you post? Are those YOUR personal pets and/or friends and families or just photos people post or submit to you? I was just wondering because they are so darn cute! Anyway .please keep sharing because I am ennjyiog each and everyone of them! Many Blessings,Kathy A.


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