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To Paws On or Off the bed

To Paws On or Off the bed

July 24th, 2014

The great debate – Paws on or off the bed. Every household has their own rules about what suits them and what doesn’t. The question that I get asked a lot is ‘Where is the right place for their pets to sleep in?’ I’m biased of course, as I love it when my kitty kat Nero sleeps on my bed, I even take him to bed with me. I love it when he purrs and starts his paw padding while finding his spot. I even love it when he does this on my chest – I call it the ‘love claw’. When Nero does his love claw thing, he looks into my eyes and I can really feel how content he is. It makes my lil heart smile ;) As most of you know I have my slippery snake Pi and would love...Read more

Does your pet think they’re human?

Does your pet think they’re human?

May 11th, 2014

Now that I have joint custody of my cat Nero, he tends to think he is the centre of my world when he’s with me – well if he understood the concept of a universe, Nero would expand to that way of thinking. Between him and my snake Pi, Nero takes 1st position (as he likes to tell me). I often wake up to a meow in my ear and a gentle tap of his paw on my nose to see if I’m awake. Sometimes I pretend I’m asleep just to get a few extra zzz’s, but then a tiny little claw will appear and will gently tap me on my nose. He then jumps off hastily because by this stage I’ve reacted and he knows that I’m WIDE AWAKE and not all that impressed. This is my alarm clock...Read more

Talk to the Animals - Segment

Talk to the Animals - Segment

April 17th, 2014

Hello Everyone! Thank you for all your participation regarding your animal babies. I know I said that I would choose the best 3 but there were so many questions that I went a little overboard and answered 8 people's questions!! You are more than welcome to share any new insights you may have gotten from this segment. Below are your answers with names 1.Raymond Roche Birtha 7 Female Goldfish Maybe you can answer our ongoing question. From the first day we got Birtha 7 yrs ago as a tiny sprat she was and still is the most spritely and interactive fish we have ever had, now she is the biggest at 20cms/300g and oldest of about 30. As soon as we enter the room she always gets very excited wriggling about like mad with lots of fin flapping fluttering and open mouth gestures and does not take...Read more

Have you ever been given the Paw?

Have you ever been given the Paw?

March 30th, 2014

    I remember the 1st time I ever realised that my pet was giving me the paw. Her name was Cubby and man did she push the boundaries with her strong will. Cubby was a stray cat that decided she wanted to live with me. Over the course of a month her visits became daily and so did her demand for food. Eventually she would sit next to me and then lie on my lap. That was when I knew she was mine – or so I thought!   Little did I know that Cubby did the same thing to 2 other houses that were close by. I came home one day to see her sitting on a low fence at a different house with a man next to her. They were interacting with each other and I sensed a familiarity between them....Read more

Feeling sick?  What are your pets doing?

Feeling sick? What are your pets doing?

February 21st, 2014

  I know what it’s like when I’m feeling sick and I just don’t want to get out of bed. Sleep is all I can muster, but I have to look after my pets. This can be a real challenge if you’re the main or sole carer for them. But what do our pets do for us while we’re sick? It can be a blurry stretch for us remembering what our animals did during this period. However you may have been privy to a friend/partner and their pet’s actions. Our pets know instantly when we’re not well, especially when we’re really under the weather. I’ve blogged a few times about energy, and how our pets respond to our varying energy states. This is no different. The only exception is that when we’re really unwell, we are actually in the present. So there are no mixed...Read more