Mindful May Challenge #9

Being mindful isn’t about having to do. It’s about being and observing. Practicing different methods to move us into being present means you have a toolbox at your fingertips.

The more the mind, the heart and the body experiences these states, more connected you are throughout your day.

1. Get into your breath cycle (centred)

2. Bring your awareness to the position you’re in
a. Observe if your body feels comfortable
b. If it feels supported
c. Shift slightly to become more aligned and supported

3. Let your mind begin to observe the fabric/material beneath you
a. Observe the sensations against your skin
b. The temperature, warm, cool, hot, breezy
c. The texture, softness, space
d. The space between your skin and fabric

4. Shift your focus to your scalp and hair on your head
a. Observe the weight of your hair against your head
b. Bring your attention to the hair follicles

5. Imagine breathing into each hair follicle
a. The breath enters the hair follicle
b. The exhalation release from the hair follicle

6. Imagine with each exhale, each hair follicle begins to soften, begins to relax

7. Come back to your breath cycle

8. Write down your observations
a. How do you feel now?

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