Mindful May Challenge #7

Having an open connection between the heart, body and mind is the first step to having them support each other.

1. Get into your breath cycle (this is your centre point)
a. 2-3 MINUTES

2. Bring your focus to the middle of your forehead (third eye chakra) and breathe
a. 1-2 MINUTES

3. Bring your focus to your heart space (heart chakra) and breath
a. 1-2 MINUTES

4. Bring your focus to just above your navel (core star)
a. 1-2 MINUTES

5. We have our thoughts, our feelings and sensations all online and connecting.

6. Observe how they mingle and interact
a. Do they connect?
b. Are they independent of each other?
c. Is it comfortable?
d. Is it uncomfortable?
i. Notice which one is uncomfortable

7. Write down your observations
a. How do you feel?

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