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Do our pets grieve?

The big question is ‘do pets grieve a missing member of their family?’ Do they have the cognitive ability to understand and experience loss? Many domestic and wild animals experience this in the same manner as we humans do. Whether there’s been a death, a separation or just moving home. Animals have the awareness to […]

Animals and Fireworks

Animal Communication It’s that time again. Silly Season with lots of festivities and of course the FIREWORKS…So what do we do with our animals? Some animals are totally fine during fireworks while others will freak out like the planet has just been split into two. Seriously, I’ve seen it happen and it’s not very pleasant […]

Is your pet the baby of the family?

I recently had coffee with a friend and his 2yr old chocolate lab Oscar. I just love Mr Oscar, he is absolutely adorable, goofy and knows no rules. He still has the mentality of a puppy with ADD. All that aside he is a good boy and when he REALLY gets told, he listens (for […]

Animal Healing

Many people come to me and ask what they can do to help heal their pets. It is really distressing to see an animal in pain or discomfort and not be able to help them.  Animals are a reflection of how the household (especially their owner) is managing day to day stress. Personally, the 1st […]

Animal Communicator Simonne Lee

Being an Animal Communicator is a fun job but can have it’s challenges especially with your own babies..I love chatting away to animals, bringing them and their owners closer together, getting that understanding so that they both know what’s going on at home.