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Why use an Animal Communicator

Need an Animal Translator? Fancy a chat with your pet? – then I may be of assistance. There are many reasons to use to the services of an Animal Communicator and let me share with you just a few:

To Paws On or Off the bed

The little one said ‘roll over’. The great debate – Paws on or off the bed. Every household has their own rules about what suits them and what doesn’t. The question that I get asked a lot is ‘Where is the right place for their pets to sleep in?’

Does your pet think they’re human?

Dog = God. Now that I have joint custody of my cat Nero, he tends to think he is the centre of my world when he’s with me – well if he understood the concept of a universe, Nero would expand to that way of thinking. Between him and my snake Pi, Nero takes 1st […]

Talk to the Animals – Segment

Live Chats. Hello Everyone! Thank you for all your participation regarding your animal babies. I know I said that I would choose the best 3 but there were so many questions that I went a little overboard and answered 8 people’s questions!! You are more than welcome to share any new insights you may have […]

Have you ever been given the Paw?

I remember the 1st time I ever realised that my pet was giving me the paw. Her name was Cubby and man did she push the boundaries with her strong will. Cubby was a stray cat that decided she wanted to live with me. Over the course of a month her visits became daily and […]

Meditating with your Pets

Let your pet lead the way to meditation bliss Does the word Meditation make your eyes roll? I know so many people that place it in the ‘too busy’ or in the ‘hard basket’. In fact, I used to be one of them.