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Animal Communication Made Easy in 6 Simple Steps

Firstly animals love connecting with their families, it’s their way of feeling included and loved. All animals have a pack order in the household even the ones of different species. So let’s have a look at what our pet (of any kind) is looking for from us.  Work out what you want to say and […]

What’s your energy doing – Part 3

Buff and Shine Part 1 Part 2 There are days where I so want to be out in the world and engaging with others. My energy feels like it’s shining and sparkles with those I come into contact with. Then there are other days where I need to shine for whatever reason (for meetings, workshops […]

What’s your energy doing – Part 2

Centre and Ground Part 1 Arghh! The day has started and your walking from room to room aimlessly trying to get your act together while your mind is in a haze. You’re losing track of time and can’t find your keys, desperately needing to walk out the door. What’s going on? Well, that’s not a […]

What’s your energy doing – Part 1

De-cording Like most people in morning, I’ll get up and get ready for the day. I’ll check my hair, what I’m wearing and makeup – tick! However, there are a couple of extra things that I do before I start and end my day. I check in with my energy to see and feel how […]

Why are some dogs so scared & jumpy on windy days?

I was asked this question recently by a lovely client…. Dogs (like most animals) are able to perceive weather changes. They can sense the changes in the electrostatic field – the air. We all know what it’s like for our hair or clothing to become static. There’s the little shocks we receive when we rub […]

Mindful May Challenge #10

Well done! It’s the final day of our challenge and let’s make it a daily ritual of our life. It doesn’t matter whether you do 2 minutes or up 60 minutes or more. It’s a practice of getting into a mindful state that impacts on your day. More than that, it changes your relationship with […]

Mindful May Challenge #9

Being mindful isn’t about having to do. It’s about being and observing. Practicing different methods to move us into being present means you have a toolbox at your fingertips. The more the mind, the heart and the body experiences these states, more connected you are throughout your day. 1. Get into your breath cycle (centred) […]

Mindful May Challenge #8

This is a simple and beautiful connection between our heart, body and mind with a gentle healing for each aspect as one. 1. Get into your breath cycle (this is your centre point) a. 3-4 MINUTES 2. Gently start pushing the breath down your body to the souls of your feet a. As you exhale, […]

Mindful May Challenge #7

Having an open connection between the heart, body and mind is the first step to having them support each other. 1. Get into your breath cycle (this is your centre point) a. 2-3 MINUTES 2. Bring your focus to the middle of your forehead (third eye chakra) and breathe a. 1-2 MINUTES 3. Bring your […]