Student Valerie Khoo gives her thoughts on Animal Communication

Inside your pet’s head.

Valerie Khoo has experienced first hand the services of an Animal Communicator and then deciding to take that leap of faith to learn the art of Animal Communication for herself. Here she shares her experience.

Groucho, Rocky and Dougal - I've got your back boys

Groucho, Rocky and Dougal – I’ve got your back boys



Tell me about your petsMy first pet was my cat Rex – he’s now eight. A year later, another cat Rocky joined the family. They are both Australian Tiffanies (fluffy white things). Then little doggie Rambo joined us (he is an older Maltese-Chihuahua who came to me from Then my partner and I ended up with a blended family like The Brady Bunch. So now we also have Dougal (silky terrier cross bichon frise) and Groucho (West Highland terrier cross shitzu). I don’t care what breed they are but people ask so I thought I’d let you know. I just love them.


Rambo - this bed's taken

Rambo – this bed’s taken


What was your first encounter with Simonne?
For a year, it was just Rex and myself. When I got my second cat Rocky, it was very challenging. That’s because Rex did not react well at all to this new change, even though Rocky was a delightful little cat. At the time, Rex did not want to be around Rocky. Or me for that matter. After Rocky arrived, Rex hid under the bed continuously for months. And, when I went out, I would come home to find that Rex had left little accidents all over the place. I had gone from living in a very calm household to one that was fraught with tension. I was desperate. So when someone suggested that I contact Simonne, I was ready to try anything.

I will admit that I was a bit sceptical. I had never encountered an animal communicator. I didn’t even know there was such a person. I was dubious that it would have any affect but I tried to keep an open mind. However, the situation at home was really so dire I was ready to try anything that could help. I figured I had nothing to lose anyway.

So can you share what you noticed after a session?
When Simonne came to our home, it was obvious that she could connect to my pets. Rex had spent months hiding under the bed, only emerging to eat when no one could see him. But when Simonne arrived, he went over to her the second she entered the room. The session was an hour long and I will admit that I wasn’t sure it was going to work. Basically, Simonne spoke to Rex about the fact that Rocky was now a member of the family. She talked and explained things to him in a similar way that you would explain things to a child.

At the time, I had no idea whether her communication was “real” or whether it would be effective. Like I said, the situation had reached such an unpleasant stage that I was ready to try anything – even animal communication! And the fact that Rex returned to hide under the bed after Simonne left didn’t instil any confidence that this was going to work.

But the next day, everything changed. When I woke up, Rex (who had avoided me – and Rocky – for months) came up to me as soon as he knew I was awake. He purred and nuzzled into me, which is what he used to do every single morning until Rocky came along. In short, whatever Simonne said clearly had an effect. Sanity returned to our household, Rex no longer hid under the bed and he became the beautiful loveable cat he used to be. This wasn’t something that happened over time, this occurred the very next day.

And then you chose to do the Animal Communication Workshops: what did you discover?
I chose to do the animal communication workshops even though I was still a bit sceptical. The reason I was sceptical was because, you know, animal communication! Plus I was curious as to how you would even teach such a thing. Having said that, I knew I did seem to have a connection with Rex. I could guess what he wanted or what he was trying to say. I was never sure of course, but I thought I could guess.

However, I never had any clue what Rocky or Rambo wanted. At all. So I suppose I wanted to do the workshop as a way to test out whether I could understand Rocky and Rambo better.

Was it easier than you thought?
Yes. The surprising thing about the course was the way it was structured. As I teach courses myself, I have a tendency to evaluate all the courses I attend myself in terms of structure, content, delivery, and so on. It’s a habit I can’t get out of.

I was interested to see how Simonne would teach something so intangible and, quite frankly, so “woo woo”! I wasn’t sure if the course was going to be so “out there” that I wouldn’t relate to it.

However, Simonne structured the content very logically. It was grounded in reality, with clear examples and exercises. It was a step-by-step approach, with each section building on the one before. For a while there, I had to stop myself from marvelling at how well structured the course was so that I could actually concentrate on the content!

What difference did it make with your fur babies?
I had immediate results with Rocky (cat). I learnt how to understand him and I was thrilled to be able to have a similar connection to him as I did with Rex (cat). It took a bit longer with Rambo (dog) but I eventually got there. And now I have a great connection with all five of my pets.

Do you notice yourself communicating with them & not realising you’re doing it?
For sure. It’s just like a second nature now.

How do you find your fur babies listen to you now?
Just because they listen to you doesn’t mean they do what you say. They can still be freaking naughty. But these days I can tell when they are anxious about something, which thankfully is not that often.

Does it get easier with practice?
Like anything in life, yes.

I know you travel a lot for work and sometimes your pets travel with you, has it changed how they handle the driving trips?
These trips used to be filled with stress because my pets didn’t really understand what was going on. But now the trips are stress-free. In fact, I look forward to them. In the past, my pets used to scream and meow and carry on. And now, believe it or not, they are perfectly behaved in the car. And we regularly go for 10-hour drives interstate.

Overall how has it changed your home life?
It has been wonderful in helping us ensure we have a harmonious home life. As you can imagine, three dogs and two cats can be a handful. The skills that Simonne taught us were particularly helpful when we were becoming a blended family. Integrating pets from two different households can be challenging, but we were confident it was going to work. I love my pets so much and I truly believe that I have a better connection with them because of what I’ve learnt from Simonne.


Mum to Rex, Rocky, Rambo, Dougal and Groucho


If you would like a deeper connection with your pet, join me for my next Beginners Animal Communication Workshop happening 11th October  and 22nd November in Double Bay.

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