What’s in a Name?

There’s excitement in the air as the decision has been made to add a ‘pet’ to your family. Having done the preparations and finally deciding on what you want, the game begins with what to call your new special friend.

Just as certain words have a strong impact, so do names. A name carries energy with it. You may want to call them after a previous ‘special pet’ or even after a person—all this is done with love or endearment of what that name recalls for you. It seals that energy and name for your pet.

However, there are names that are meant to be for fun or jokes—but they still carry the energy of the word itself. For example, have you ever met a person or animal that doesn’t suit their name? The energy of the name and the energy of the person don’t mix and it’s an odd fit. It’s like when an actor will change their stage name to send an impression out of how they would like to be seen. So some joke names might be ‘Fatso’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Fusspot’, ‘Stu’ – short for ‘Stupid’, etc. These names might be done light-heartedly but they do carry the meaning of these words. When we accept our name, the energy of it moves into our personality. Perhaps ‘Crazy’ is just acting out the energy of its name perhaps—now I’ve got you wondering.

I once had a client that named their kitten “Gutz”—as in greedy guts. The owner thought it was funny and there was no malice in his intention. However, his cat hated the name. He was a grumpy little thing and had reason to be. You see the only way an animal/pet can show us that they dislike their name is through their behaviour and mannerisms (unless animal communication is part of your life). Gutz refused to hang out with the family and only came when he was demanding food. His owner decided to have an Animal Communication session as he thought that Gutz wanted to live somewhere else.

During the session I asked Gutz why he was so grumpy and he told that me he hates his name. He actually shared this feeling with me and felt he was misunderstood. I explained this to his family and suggested that they come up with a few nice, ‘fun’ names that meant nice things to them. A week later they contacted me and said they had all agreed on “Tom” (Tom was the father’s first cat which he loved when he was growing up). So Tom became and over the next few months this family began to see a whole new side Tom. He became more interactive and not so grumpy. He was still the same kitty cat but with a different energy to him.

So next time you get the chance to name that special friend of yours, choose a name that makes you smile from the heart. It’s then a name given with love.

And if your pet doesn’t respond to their name after some time, then perhaps they’re telling you they don’t like it or you can always check in with an Animal Communicator. Enjoy the game of naming your pet!

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  1. Tameera
    Tameera says:

    We have a dog in our street and he doesn’t listen to his owners (who are totally awesome). Well guess what they called him? Bow. It sounds like no – so every time they say no I think he gets confused. Bow no no – I would be confused too 🙂 x

  2. De-Arne xXx
    De-Arne xXx says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge Simonne, your advice as an Animal Communicator has always been helpful for our furry babies.

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    proffer says:

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