Mindful May Challenge #9

Being mindful isn’t about having to do. It’s about being and observing. Practicing different methods to move us into being present means you have a toolbox at your fingertips.

The more the mind, the heart and the body experiences these states, more connected you are throughout your day.

1. Get into your breath cycle (centred)

2. Bring your awareness to the position you’re in
a. Observe if your body feels comfortable
b. If it feels supported
c. Shift slightly to become more aligned and supported

3. Let your mind begin to observe the fabric/material beneath you
a. Observe the sensations against your skin
b. The temperature, warm, cool, hot, breezy
c. The texture, softness, space
d. The space between your skin and fabric

4. Shift your focus to your scalp and hair on your head
a. Observe the weight of your hair against your head
b. Bring your attention to the hair follicles

5. Imagine breathing into each hair follicle
a. The breath enters the hair follicle
b. The exhalation release from the hair follicle

6. Imagine with each exhale, each hair follicle begins to soften, begins to relax

7. Come back to your breath cycle

8. Write down your observations
a. How do you feel now?

Mindful May Challenge #8

This is a simple and beautiful connection between our heart, body and mind with a gentle healing for each aspect as one.

1. Get into your breath cycle (this is your centre point)
a. 3-4 MINUTES

2. Gently start pushing the breath down your body to the souls of your feet
a. As you exhale, begin humming

3. Bring your awareness back to your heart space and gently breathe
a. As you exhale, softly sigh

4. Slowly move your attention to the middle of your forehead
a. Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth – the start of the hollow part

5. Release your tongue and let yourself feel as if you’re floating or hovering in your body
a. Breathe

6. Write down what you noticed
a. How do you feel now?

Mindful May Challenge #7

Having an open connection between the heart, body and mind is the first step to having them support each other.

1. Get into your breath cycle (this is your centre point)
a. 2-3 MINUTES

2. Bring your focus to the middle of your forehead (third eye chakra) and breathe
a. 1-2 MINUTES

3. Bring your focus to your heart space (heart chakra) and breath
a. 1-2 MINUTES

4. Bring your focus to just above your navel (core star)
a. 1-2 MINUTES

5. We have our thoughts, our feelings and sensations all online and connecting.

6. Observe how they mingle and interact
a. Do they connect?
b. Are they independent of each other?
c. Is it comfortable?
d. Is it uncomfortable?
i. Notice which one is uncomfortable

7. Write down your observations
a. How do you feel?

Mindful May Challenge #4

Mindful May Challenge #4

Opening up our awareness to our body’s messages is simply observing the sensations within it. The body is ALWAYS talking to us but are we listening?

Pen and paper

1. Find that comfortable place where we begin to bring our attention on our breath

2. Start your breathing
a. Breathing in for FIVE
b. Gently holding for FIVE
c. Slowly releasing for FIVE
d. Do a minimum of four x breath cycles

3. Finding your own rhythmic breath
a. Observe all the sensations in your body
b. Move your hand to where you feel this sensation and breathe into the palm of your hand
c. Ask your mind to describe it
Tight, light, pulsing
If could describe it as a colour, what would it be?
Breathe into this space
How does it feel now?

4. Notice if there are any other sensations in the body and place your hand on it
a. Ask your mind the same questions as above

5. Repeat Step Three, 1-2 more times

6. Write down what you observe for each area in the body
How do you feel now?

Mindful May Challenge #2

We experience so much in just one day on many different levels. If we’re constantly on go go mode, we’re going to miss out on communication within ourselves. Miss out on messages and signs for synchronicity.

This exercise below gently releases ‘distress’ that we may be experiencing or have pushed to one side.

Get your paper and pen

  1. Get into a comfy position again and close your eyes
  2. Place your left hand on your upper heart (between the heart and throat chakras) and right hand above navel – the core star (between solar plexus and sacral chakras)
  3. Imagine breathing into the palm of your hand, breathing into your upper heart
    1. Finding your own rhythmic breath – in, hold, release
  4. Now imagine breathing into the palm of your hand for your right hand, above your navel
    1. Find your own breath cycle
  5. Write down your observations

Mindful May Challenge #1

We want to give the mind a job as we begin to gently slow ourselves down. Coming into the present moment with the mind in observation mode allows us to step into third person style viewing.

A neat little trick of self-awareness.

Let’s start!

Have some pen and paper ready

  1. Find a time that suits you morning, day or night. Get into a comfortable position that you can stay in for a couple of minutes
  2. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath
    1. Breathe in gently to the count of FIVE
    2. Softly hold your breath for the count of FIVE
    3. Release slowly your breath for the count of FIVE
  3. Repeat this cycle of breathing x EIGHT
  4. When you finish, write down what you notice about yourself e.g. heart rate, tightness in the body, softness, relaxed, frustrated, relieved, thoughts, feelings, sensations etc

You have just finished 2 minutes of being mindful in your day.