Animal Communication Made Easy in 6 Simple Steps

Firstly animals love connecting with their families, it’s their way of feeling included and loved. All animals have a pack order in the household even the ones of different species. So let’s have a look at what our pet (of any kind) is looking for from us.

  1.  Work out what you want to say and write it out on paper

Animals can feel our energy and some of them can even connect with our thoughts and images. If we’re not clear on what we’re trying to say and have a few shopping lists or social schedules roaming around in our mind, it’s going to be hard for them to gain a clear message on what we’re trying to get across. Make it as simple as you can.

  1.  Ground yourself through a meditation or your breathing

Being in our body means we are present. We are connected and aware of our own emotions that are running through us. Sometimes when we are stressed we forget to breathe deeply into the body and circulate as much oxygen as we can all through our systems. This is what the role of the breath is, movement within the body. Through a meditation (can be really short) we are able to connect with our body, be present and grounded –feeling solid within the body. You can do this through breathing exercises as well. Taking a deep, slow breath all the way down to the belly, hold for 3 seconds and then gently exhale fully. If you repeat this cycle 5 times it will really assist in keeping you centered/grounded.

(I also teach this method to humans to help us deal with stress and anxiety. Doing this exercise in the morning as you wake up clears you for the start of the day. At lunchtime, it reminds us to come into our body and assist in being present. In bed before we go to sleep, we let go of any stress from the day so we don’t take this into our dream state).

  1.  Connect with your pet

This can be done quite easily and with practice. Either get a photo of your pet or have them right next to you. If your pet is there, get down to their level. If you are able to, look into their eyes and feel in your chest how they make you feel. I know for me my heart feels like it swells up and makes the rest of me feel so beautiful inside. Imagine sending this energy/love feeling their way (just like we blow a kiss to someone special).

  1.  Let them know what you have written down

As you are connecting to your pet, in your mind I want you to think about what you wrote down, even see it as an image. Feel this inside your body and if you want, gently say it out loud. By doing this you are signaling with your mind, your body and your emotions what you want your pet to understand.

  1.  Wait for them to get the message and give a response

Waiting for animals to respond can come to you as a thought in your own voice or another’s. It can also come to you as an emotion, a knowing or even an image.. Whichever way it comes acknowledge it and go with it. A lot of students will say to me that they feel like they’re making it up but I always encourage them to go with it. It’s only our conditioning that makes us question it.

Receiving a message from our pet is similar to wondering what the weather is like outside. You may wake up in the morning, open your window and stick your head out. Your eyes are closed and you are observing what you feel, The sun? The wind? The rain? The temperature? The humidity? Observation is the key.

  1.  Negotiation time

Once you are able to connect and communicate with your pet steps 1-5 easily, then you are on your way to start negotiating with them what you would like them to do and if they are happy to do this. What they are wanting from you and if you agree to their requests…

The more you practice, the easier it becomes to connect and understand your pet’s needs and wants.

Enjoy talking to the pets in your life!



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Reiki I The 1st Degree attunement is the initiation into Reiki energy. Each person will become a Reiki Channel and be able to give and receive Reiki. There will be an opening within the 4 chakras, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown via the attunements that are received. The workshop will start by discussing the (more…)

Do you Reiki your FOOD?

As we all know, Reiki has the beautiful ability to increase vitality, increase the life force of whatever it comes into contact with. Whether it be petrol for our car, a healing for a person or animal to just clearing and balancing the water we drink. There are so many ways to incorporate Reiki into our daily lives that the for me, it’s about how creative I can get with Reiki.

So how can Reiki change our food vibration?

We all need food to survive and for a lot of us, we’re short on time so fast food and packaged food can be staples in our diet. Choosing to Reiki our food can bring freshness and vitality back into our food, allowing for nutrients to return to their optimum levels. I infuse Reiki into my cooking all the time and it’s turned into a habit and quite a successful habit at that. Not only do I Reiki my food but I get a burst whilst of it for me while cooking!

The food always has this lightness to it in aroma, flavour, in texture and sensation (similar to how water tastes different once Reiki ed). When I share my meals with others (I’ve cooked), there is always a softness in conversation throughout the meal. As we digest our meal with a Reiki vibration, it also impacts on our own vibration. It mingles till these two vibrations integrate. Just imagine how healing and nurturing it is for our digestive system, for our organs and for our general well being. Don’t get me started on how it aids a blissful sleep either.

Last week my mum had eye surgery and stayed with me whilst she was recovering. Every meal was infused with Reiki for a speedy recovery and healing. I do have a neat little trick that I do for special folks that are feeling vulnerable or just unwell. I not only infuse Reiki into the meal but I also add love, joy and belonging into the vibration. So as you can imagine, my momma was up and about, bossing me around in no time again :D.

So next time you cook a meal or snack for yourself or friends, take a moment to Reiki your food prepping, cooking and presenting. It only takes a couple of moments to Reiki OR if you’re Reiki II level, place the symbols in our food and let magic happen!

Love to hear how Reiki has changed your lives AND if you’ve become known as a fab cook!

Cleansing the Energy in your Home

Most of the time cleaning your home can change the energy, however if you’ve had a stressful time or even if life has been hectic, that heavy feeling can linger.

Have you ever walked into a person’s home and felt edgy? They may have had a disagreement with someone recently and the energy hasn’t been able to leave the home as yet. It can feel uncomfortable being the visitor and the person living there might not ever realise it’s making them edgy also.

Feelings of sadness, loss and grief can also leave an impression for all entering the home. This is what I’m referring to as cleansing the energy in your home. I liken it to letting your clothes dry in the sunshine, they feel warm and smell fresh. When you put these clothes on, the energy of them transfer across and mingles with your own energy.

To cleanse the energy in your home, is like grounding your home. Aligning the energy so that calmness can enter and increase clarity and harmony in the home.

There are many ways to clear the energy of your home and I will share with you two methods that I use to completely shift your home’s feeling.

  1. Meditation
    1. Get yourself into a comfortable position and focus on your breathing. Slow, deep breaths so that your attention starts to come inwards.
    2. Imagine the layout of your home and go through each room spreading ‘white light’. Sometimes I like to roll it out like a mist or fog.
    3. Take your time with each room and once you’ve finished every room, let the mist float all around yourself cleansing your own energy state.
    4. You can take it a step further if you wish or stop here if you like.
    5. The next step is to imagine spreading a colour you have chosen for each room. E.g. the living room you may choose orange, the bedroom can be pink or green, the kitchen can be yellow and the bathroom perhaps blue.
    6. Once you have finished, sit quietly for a few more minutes and let yourself connect with your home’s new energy.
    7. I would recommend doing this meditation weekly for yourself and home.
  1. White or Lavender Sage Smudging
    1. You can purchase this from any health food store.
    2. Have a bowl ready to catch any embers from your sage stick. Light it up and when the sage stick flame is on fire, blow out the flame, as it’s the smoke that creates the ritual for smudging.
    3. Have all doors and windows closed for the duration of smudging.
    4. Have an intention (similar to a prayer, a mantra) e.g. I cleanse all stagnate and old energy from this room.
    5. Proceed with your smudge stick and bowl to every corner of each room and let the smoke float throughout the room saying your intention (out loud or in your mind).
    6. When you have completed each room, then allow yourself to be smudged. Let the smoke waft over you from your feet all the way up to your head. It’s as if you wash yourself in smoke.
    7. Put the smudge stick out either with water or a bowl with sand in it.
    8. After 10 minutes, you can open all doors and windows to air your home out and ENJOY.
    9. I usually smudge my home every week and if I’ve had a particularly intense day.

So instead of letting all that dense energy stay in your home, you can cleanse the ambiance at a moment’s notice . From heaviness to calmness with a simple ritual of a Meditation or Smudging, inviting new revitalised energy into your home.

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