What’s your energy doing – Part 3

Buff and Shine

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There are days where I so want to be out in the world and engaging with others. My energy feels like it’s shining and sparkles with those I come into contact with. Then there are other days where I need to shine for whatever reason (for meetings, workshops or socially) and I’m not in that space and I don’t want to fake it – here’s what I do.

We naturally use our energy to create a presence for our self and project to those around us, it’s how others perceive us. Perception comes through our energy first, then filtered by our five senses and of course the mind kicks in to add a piece of logic (that’s not always right!).

You’ve (Pt:1) detached your energy from everyone and everything around you. (Pt:2) Tucked it all snug into your body and feeling quite solid and strong in your body – BOOM. It’s like you’re ready to create your day or whatever you happen to be doing. It’s that clarity that slips in and a magnified awareness that originates from within you to around you. You’re not easily swayed by other people’s emotions, you’re still very present and beautifully anchored in your own energy, that’s getting more familiar and stronger for you.

The third part of this series is like the icing on the cake, let’s you share that sweetness of life with others around you. One of the reasons I energise (buff) daily is to get that bounce in my step. We all have off days but when we’re topping up daily on our energy levels, it’s much easier to view the world with your cup half full.

You can think of it this way, if you’re always driving your car with the tank in the red and only top it up to a quarter full at most, there’s a lot of gunk moving through the engine from the bottom of the tank. You can never take your eyes of the tank gauge in case you run out of fuel – call me crazy but that’s hard work and super stressful. Filling up completely, makes the car weight steadier and the engine run smoother and for those long drives, you can rest assured there’s fuel in your tank to get you safely there.

When you fill up completely with energy (buff) and let is spill out all around you into your electro-magnetic field (aura), this is what people respond to instantly (your shine). The spilling of energy into our aura is how we strengthen it. It’s our own force field of energy around the body that is strong and shines like the sun. Every time we fill up and let it spill over ourselves, we cleanse our energy from everything around us, like having a shower every day,

For me this is such a beautiful presence to feel within yourself or another person. People will naturally gravitate towards this type of energy as it’s strong and uplifting. Your energy is definite and not easily swayed by other people’s moods. Your energy is also contagious and you have an abundance of it to share around. The best part is, you can do this for yourself every. single. day.

Let’s try it now:

Now you’re use to using your imagination (like daydreaming), so grab a pen, paper and switch on your imagination for the last part of this series.

To energise (BUFF)

  • Ground yourself, then start breathing in and gently pulling in the earth’s energy and fill yourself up completely.
  • Using your breath to move in the energy from the soles of your feet further into your body
  • Let the energy move throughout your body

To strengthen your aura (SHINE)

  • When you feel completely full of energy, just let it settle in and notice how you feel
  • Then using your breath again, let the energy spill out of your crown chakra moving all around your body
  • Do this until you feel or imagine it be 90cm (3 x 30cm ruler) around you – above, below, to your left, your right, in front and behind you

To be feeling full in life is a gift we can give ourselves daily. Then to be able to share this with those we love and come into contact with, now that’s a magical experience!

Part 3 of a three part series.
Part 1
Part 2