Animal Communication Made Easy in 6 Simple Steps

Firstly animals love connecting with their families, it’s their way of feeling included and loved. All animals have a pack order in the household even the ones of different species. So let’s have a look at what our pet (of any kind) is looking for from us.

  1.  Work out what you want to say and write it out on paper

Animals can feel our energy and some of them can even connect with our thoughts and images. If we’re not clear on what we’re trying to say and have a few shopping lists or social schedules roaming around in our mind, it’s going to be hard for them to gain a clear message on what we’re trying to get across. Make it as simple as you can.

  1.  Ground yourself through a meditation or your breathing

Being in our body means we are present. We are connected and aware of our own emotions that are running through us. Sometimes when we are stressed we forget to breathe deeply into the body and circulate as much oxygen as we can all through our systems. This is what the role of the breath is, movement within the body. Through a meditation (can be really short) we are able to connect with our body, be present and grounded –feeling solid within the body. You can do this through breathing exercises as well. Taking a deep, slow breath all the way down to the belly, hold for 3 seconds and then gently exhale fully. If you repeat this cycle 5 times it will really assist in keeping you centered/grounded.

(I also teach this method to humans to help us deal with stress and anxiety. Doing this exercise in the morning as you wake up clears you for the start of the day. At lunchtime, it reminds us to come into our body and assist in being present. In bed before we go to sleep, we let go of any stress from the day so we don’t take this into our dream state).

  1.  Connect with your pet

This can be done quite easily and with practice. Either get a photo of your pet or have them right next to you. If your pet is there, get down to their level. If you are able to, look into their eyes and feel in your chest how they make you feel. I know for me my heart feels like it swells up and makes the rest of me feel so beautiful inside. Imagine sending this energy/love feeling their way (just like we blow a kiss to someone special).

  1.  Let them know what you have written down

As you are connecting to your pet, in your mind I want you to think about what you wrote down, even see it as an image. Feel this inside your body and if you want, gently say it out loud. By doing this you are signaling with your mind, your body and your emotions what you want your pet to understand.

  1.  Wait for them to get the message and give a response

Waiting for animals to respond can come to you as a thought in your own voice or another’s. It can also come to you as an emotion, a knowing or even an image.. Whichever way it comes acknowledge it and go with it. A lot of students will say to me that they feel like they’re making it up but I always encourage them to go with it. It’s only our conditioning that makes us question it.

Receiving a message from our pet is similar to wondering what the weather is like outside. You may wake up in the morning, open your window and stick your head out. Your eyes are closed and you are observing what you feel, The sun? The wind? The rain? The temperature? The humidity? Observation is the key.

  1.  Negotiation time

Once you are able to connect and communicate with your pet steps 1-5 easily, then you are on your way to start negotiating with them what you would like them to do and if they are happy to do this. What they are wanting from you and if you agree to their requests…

The more you practice, the easier it becomes to connect and understand your pet’s needs and wants.

Enjoy talking to the pets in your life!



Animal Healing Reiki for Family and Friends

There’s nothing worse than knowing your pet is unwell and not understanding what’s wrong OR what to do. We’re so in tune with our animals that we can sense, when they’re not feeling well but what are our options after that?

Animal Reiki is such a beautiful way to connect with your pet when they’re feeling unwell. Animals respond instantly to the energy that is around them from all family members AND within the home. Just like us, animals can get stressed and need some reassurance of what’s going on within the family dynamics.

They don’t always understand the story or reasoning behind it but they certainly feel what’s happening in their home. Animals love that deep connection we have with them and once that connection is solid, they know they’re part of the family.

Introducing Reiki into the home and family instantly changes the energy and dynamics in the home. A new energy enters once attuned and stays with that person for life. Your animal will sense the difference in you, especially as you integrate this energy for yourself.

Reiki allows for an even deeper connection without trying to converse with them. I like to say it’s similar to hanging out with your best friend in silence; and both of you are so completely relaxed and comfortable in each other’s space whilst silent. This is exactly the same with animals however with more profound results.

Reiki allows you to connect with their energy. Through the Reiki vibration, we give them a healing, a boost of energy and help them shift back into their balanced state. Reiki allows a calming and supportive energy to flow through and has the ability to create homeostasis within the body. Moving our animal’s energy in this direction. It can assist with many illnesses and conditions e.g. bladder infection, upset tummy, diarrhoea, inflammation, arthritis, heart murmurs and the list goes on.

More and more veterinarians are becoming aware of alternative methods and especially Reiki that give benefits and supports an animal during this time. Some vets even offer Reiki as a service as part of their practice.

Anyone can be attuned to Reiki I for family and friends. If you are interested in being able to support your pet’s health, Reiki I is a wonderful foundation to begin with. So instead of not knowing where to begin, even if they’re having an off day, Reiki can create a deeper knowing and understanding of just how your pet is feeling.

Click here for more information on latest Animal Communication Reiki I Workshops,

I would like to NOTE: under no circumstances does Animal Reiki or Communication take the place or goes against any medical services. A Vet is the only qualified person to diagnose and offer treatment advice for your pet. Reiki supports your decisions and keeps your animal’s energy state strong and supported.

Knowing when it’s time.

It’s never easy having to make this decision – knowing when it’s time to say goodbye and how to go about it. Animals, for the most part, have an intuitive side that enables them to know when their time is drawing near. It’s instinctive to them. The hard part is for us humans, especially if the choice is left up to us. Vets can offer their opinions and will assist us and our pets as much as they can, however ultimately it is a family decision.
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Joint Custody – What are the rules?

There are many discussions on what happens when a family decides to go their separate ways and if they have children, sorting out the legalities of custody can be done amicably and with understanding.

There are guidelines on how to achieve this (this doesn’t imply that it is an easy process by any means).  If there are no children and their pets are considered ‘the kids in the family’, what are the rules for custody of the pets? Read more