Animal Healing

Many people come to me and ask what they can do to help heal their pets. It is really distressing to see an animal in pain or discomfort and not be able to help them.  Animals are a reflection of how the household (especially their owner) is managing day to day stress. Personally, the 1st step for me is to see how I’m handling my stress, checking to see what energy I’m bringing into the home and how any of my animals are behaving differently. Read more

Does your pet look like you? It’s called Animal Energy

I find it quite entertaining how animals seem to take on their owner’s looks and characteristics including their body language.

Ever walk down the street and see a really tall lanky person and their dog is a great dane? I always get a giggle from this. The big musclier guy seems to have a staffy type dog. Big broad chest, muscular shoulders with lean legs – I am referring to the dog!!! Read more