Mindful May Challenge #4

Mindful May Challenge #4

Opening up our awareness to our body’s messages is simply observing the sensations within it. The body is ALWAYS talking to us but are we listening?

Pen and paper

1. Find that comfortable place where we begin to bring our attention on our breath

2. Start your breathing
a. Breathing in for FIVE
b. Gently holding for FIVE
c. Slowly releasing for FIVE
d. Do a minimum of four x breath cycles

3. Finding your own rhythmic breath
a. Observe all the sensations in your body
b. Move your hand to where you feel this sensation and breathe into the palm of your hand
c. Ask your mind to describe it
Tight, light, pulsing
If could describe it as a colour, what would it be?
Breathe into this space
How does it feel now?

4. Notice if there are any other sensations in the body and place your hand on it
a. Ask your mind the same questions as above

5. Repeat Step Three, 1-2 more times

6. Write down what you observe for each area in the body
How do you feel now?

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