MIndful May Challenge #3

Never underestimate the healing powers of sound and our own sound at that. Many of us are aware of the healing powers of a cat’s purr (it’s true)! Our own internally humming out loud at a certain frequency creates vibration within our body. You may have to practice to get the right depth of your humming but you’ll know when you get there. It’s as if you feel yourself vibrating from the inside – an amazing sensation!

Have your pen and paper ready

  1. Find a spot where you can sit down for a few minutes
  2. Bring your focus to your heart chakra and take a few breaths – 1 MINUTE
  3. Then proceed to slow down each breath in, hold and exhale
    1. All done gently (no forcing) – 1 MINUTE
  4. Now start slow, deliberate, deep belly breaths
    1. Get comfortable with your deep slow breath flow
  5. On each exhalation, begin a soft, slow humming
    1. Keep deepening the hum so it travels down the torso
  6. Observe the sensations within the body as the humming vibrates and moves through you – 3 MINUTES
  7. Write down what you observe
    1. How do you feel now?


Mindful May Challenge #2

We experience so much in just one day on many different levels. If we’re constantly on go go mode, we’re going to miss out on communication within ourselves. Miss out on messages and signs for synchronicity.

This exercise below gently releases ‘distress’ that we may be experiencing or have pushed to one side.

Get your paper and pen

  1. Get into a comfy position again and close your eyes
  2. Place your left hand on your upper heart (between the heart and throat chakras) and right hand above navel – the core star (between solar plexus and sacral chakras)
  3. Imagine breathing into the palm of your hand, breathing into your upper heart
    1. Finding your own rhythmic breath – in, hold, release
  4. Now imagine breathing into the palm of your hand for your right hand, above your navel
    1. Find your own breath cycle
  5. Write down your observations

Mindful May Challenge #1

We want to give the mind a job as we begin to gently slow ourselves down. Coming into the present moment with the mind in observation mode allows us to step into third person style viewing.

A neat little trick of self-awareness.

Let’s start!

Have some pen and paper ready

  1. Find a time that suits you morning, day or night. Get into a comfortable position that you can stay in for a couple of minutes
  2. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath
    1. Breathe in gently to the count of FIVE
    2. Softly hold your breath for the count of FIVE
    3. Release slowly your breath for the count of FIVE
  3. Repeat this cycle of breathing x EIGHT
  4. When you finish, write down what you notice about yourself e.g. heart rate, tightness in the body, softness, relaxed, frustrated, relieved, thoughts, feelings, sensations etc

You have just finished 2 minutes of being mindful in your day.




Life’s Sliding Doors

Sometimes a ‘Sliding Door’ moment can happen without you realising. A chance or an opportunity that can completely change the direction your life was moving towards. On occasion, if you happen to be in the moment and aware of what’s happening around, you get to choose that ‘Sliding Door’ and magic can happen.

For myself, those sliding door experiences can occur in times of complete awareness and be a conscious choice. These chances and opportunities can become more streamlined with just a bit of work on our side. What we think, what we feel and how we act are telltale signs of what we are attracting into our lives. It creates synchronicity, the law of attraction.

Having an internal structure within ourselves is what gives us the strength and at times blind faith to keep going. This internal process is also an indication of how we relate to our self first and then with others.

The simplest method I use is to reassess my values each year.

As we grow, we change. As we change, our values will change also. Values can simply be explained as core needs and wants that are not being fulfilled or met within us. Or you may want to build and strengthen this quality within you.

Recognising the values that you choose and resonate with, allows you to keep a steady ground. When we become anxious or easily overwhelmed, knowing your values can stop confusion. It’s our internal navigator that guides us during our challenging periods just like a boat with a compass.

In a previous blog, I explained a simple method on how to work out your top 6 values and why it’s a game changer.

1. The first step is working out your values and then refining them to your top six values.

2. The second step is placing them in priority from one – six.

You can read my previous blog on how to get your top six values here

Once you have your top six values in priority, give yourself a ‘high five’ as it’s no mean feat the first time you do this exercise. Take a breath and slowly (and I mean slowly) read your values one at a time. Then let yourself sit with them. You may even what to play around with them again.

Now we’re onto the third step. This is where it gets meaty for me and I love this next step.

3. Write down what each value means to you. Your definition is always focused with a relationship towards yourself. This is an internal connection, one that you can easy connect to by yourself, without anyone else’s influence or actions required. By creating your own definition, you place your stamp on it.

Again, take your time reading each value with their meaning and observe how you feel, your thoughts and any sensations in the body. This method allows you to connect and take ownership of your values. How you define each value, is what breathes life into them.

4. The fourth and final step is how you can action this value daily. The trick is to make it as simple as possible. It’s not about overloading our system or tasks in a day. It’s connecting what actions we do already with a value and their meaning. This way we are constantly reaffirming a value through a daily action.

5. Everyday for a month, find a spot and sit mindfully for three to five minutes a day and read your values, definitions and actions. We’re creating new habits and beliefs so keep on it and then read them every now and then.

For example, take the value ‘trust’ and give it a definition for ownership and with a daily action that connects you to your value.

Value               TRUST
Definition       I believe in me
Action             Every time I look up at the sky and pause, I believe in me

Here are my top six values for 2017!

D Acknowledging my thoughts, feelings & sensations
A Every time I check in with me

D A heart &/or soul frequency
A Every time I place my hand on my heart

D Being mindful
A Every time I breathe in and out

D Following through on my values with my actions, words & thoughts
A Every time I read my values

D I am
A Every time I say ‘I am’ with hands on my hips – Wonder Woman pose

D Taking a step outside my comfort zone
A Whenever I walk

Being aware of your values gives your conscious and unconscious mind a direction to move towards together. So those ‘Sliding Door’ moments can become more frequent. And as for magic, well that’s simply stepping into the rhythm of your life and choosing which opportunities work for you.