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Mindful May Challenge #5

We all know that emotional rollercoaster but we don’t have to wait till we’re about to drop to acknowledge them. Connecting and observing our emotions is a way to de-clutter from what’s yours, what’s not and what doesn’t support you anymore. Pen and paper 1. Get into your breath cycle (this instantly CENTRES you) a. […]

Mindful May Challenge #4

Mindful May Challenge #4 Opening up our awareness to our body’s messages is simply observing the sensations within it. The body is ALWAYS talking to us but are we listening? Pen and paper 1. Find that comfortable place where we begin to bring our attention on our breath 2. Start your breathing a. Breathing in […]

MIndful May Challenge #3

Never underestimate the healing powers of sound and our own sound at that. Many of us are aware of the healing powers of a cat’s purr (it’s true)! Our own internally humming out loud at a certain frequency creates vibration within our body. You may have to practice to get the right depth of your […]

Mindful May Challenge #2

We experience so much in just one day on many different levels. If we’re constantly on go go mode, we’re going to miss out on communication within ourselves. Miss out on messages and signs for synchronicity. This exercise below gently releases ‘distress’ that we may be experiencing or have pushed to one side. Get your […]

Mindful May Challenge #1

We want to give the mind a job as we begin to gently slow ourselves down. Coming into the present moment with the mind in observation mode allows us to step into third person style viewing. A neat little trick of self-awareness. Let’s start! Have some pen and paper ready Find a time that suits […]

Life’s Sliding Doors

Sometimes a ‘Sliding Door’ moment can happen without you realising. A chance or an opportunity that can completely change the direction your life was moving towards. On occasion, if you happen to be in the moment and aware of what’s happening around, you get to choose that ‘Sliding Door’ and magic can happen. For myself, […]

Cleansing the Energy in your Home

Most of the time cleaning your home can change the energy, however if you’ve had a stressful time or even if life has been hectic, that heavy feeling can linger. Have you ever walked into a person’s home and felt edgy? They may have had a disagreement with someone recently and the energy hasn’t been […]

Why knowing our values is a #GameChanger

Why knowing our values is a #GameChanger Have you ever thought about what guides you through life? What helps you to make decisions and take action? Now imagine going through life with a compass to guide you through uncertain terrain! Many of us will cruise through life, figuring out what we want to have, what […]