Animal Communication Reiki I includes the history and attunements of The Usui System of Natural Healing.

Throughout the day, you will receive four attunements focusing on the upper chakras: The Crown, The Third Eye, The Throat and The Heart Chakras.

You will learn hand positions for treating self, family and friends (half day). The remainder of the day we will learn three methods of Reiki Healing for animals with lots of animals to practice on. Working with animals is slightly different to working with people as their energetic bodies are generally clearer in energy. They are able to shift through challenges quicker and usually easily. Animals respond instantly to energy and is a great validation that there is a Reiki energy exchange occurring.

For People and Animal Reiki I – there is approximately 1.5 hours of home study to be completed prior to workshop training to cover the history, what is Reiki and why we use it. In the morning we will briefly cover this and any questions before starting hands on treatments and then moving straight onto animal healing.

Inclusive of manuals and Certificate

Full Day Workshop
Fee $370.00 De-Arne King
Fee $450.00 Simonne Lee

If you’ve already completed Reiki I with certification (need to be presented), then there is a 2.5hr workshop specifically for Animal Communication Reiki I (there are no attunements in this workshop).
You will learn three methods for Animal Reiki Healing and how to connect with an animal before you begin.

Half Day Workshop
Fee $220.00 De-Arne King
Fee $280.00 Simonne Lee

*pre requisite Animal Communication Level 1



Animal Communication Reiki II is your second degree attunement and here, is where you will receive Practitioner Level for Reiki.

We will be learning how to do Distant and Absent (program) healings and the introduction of three sacred symbols used in Reiki. Deepening your knowledge whilst expanding your own energy and ability to channel and share Reiki energy. With the addition of the three sacred symbols,  this will  create a whole new way of healing for the animals in your life.

Please bring a photo of the animals or people that would like to receive a healing OR just bring their details:

Full Day Workshop
Fee $410.00 De-Arne King
Fee $480.00 Simonne Lee


Please check our UPCOMING WORKSHOPS page for scheduled Animal Communication Level 4 Reiki I Workshops